Taking Stock : October 2015

November 1, 2015

Maiden hair fern

I’ve been posting so regularly lately and enjoying it so much that I didn’t realise it was time to take stock last Sunday! So here it is today. I’ve had a bit of a funny day today. You know the one where it doesn’t feel like Sunday, it feels like Saturday and like you’ve only just started your weekend, but also feels later in the day than it actually is? Yeah, it feels like that. I’m mostly trying to ignore it and potter around doing other things – I’ll soon be making a delicious chicken stir fry for my lunch throughout the week, and tidying up the place so I can actually use my desk as somewhere I can write posts. Crazy idea. Anyway, let’s get started!

Maiden hair fernLooking: at my maiden hair fern in the morning sunlight and feeling so glad I was able to save her. I left her outside in the sun for far too long and snails got to her – I thought she’d had it! But I brought her inside and have kept the water up and added only indirect sunlight and I think she’s doing okay 😀

Secondhand homewaresLoving: my random assortment of homewares that I’ve accumulated from op shops and inherited from family. I am nowhere near moving out of home just yet but man, do I have a box at the ready. The tablecloth was from an op shop and both the shakers and the tins (there are smaller ones nested inside) are from my gran.

Pile of booksFinding: that I am in a reading slump at the moment. I’ve started four different books and not been hooked on any of them in particular. I think Game of Thrones has ruined me.

Zygocactus flowerEnjoying: this beauty of a bloom from my zygocactus! They’re funny little plants (all succulents are, let’s be honest) and started developing these tight red buds a week or so ago and then – BOOM (or should I say BLOOM…lols) – this lovely thing was waiting for me when I went to check on my collection earlier today.

Propagating succulents(Really) Hoping: I can propagate these bad boys. I’ve read some conflicting info on the net about how much water and sunlight to give them so I’m sort of playing it by ear. They seem to be going okay so far, sending some nice pink roots down to the soil. We shall see how they go!

I don’t particularly feel it is fair to call the past little while the “month” of October. I think “the blink of October” is far more accurate. I have no idea what I did these past four weeks…whoops! What was the best thing about your October? Can you remember it or are you being a forgetful Fran like me?


These Taking Stock posts are based on an idea by the wonderful Pip Lincolne over at the Meet Me At Mike’s blog. Head here to check out her Taking Stock posts and to find a blank copy of the full list.

    1. I don’t think October actually happened. It seems it was term holidays and now it is the end of the year. Blooms on cacti are always so surprising, aren’t they? To me it always seems that there could only ever be leaves on a succulent and then all of a sudden there are flowers. I saw some this morning on some cacti along the railway line on my morning walk – little purple blooms atop prickly leaves. Quelle surprise!

      1. I agree. I think the month of October is a conspiracy. It’s never actually happened.

        They really are – I got some real shocks (in the best way) when I saw three of mine blooming away. Those purple ones you saw do sound surprising! The variety is so, so lovely too.

        1. And I saw Isabel’s comment about All That I Am. I had trouble with that too. I loved Stasiland and am really interested in the Weimar Republic but just couldn’t seem to get into the book. Was thinking about trying again…

          1. SO glad it hear it’s not just me! I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get into it. But I am not giving up just yet! I’ll be keeping it on my bookshelf and am sure I’ll bring it down one day when it feels right.

    1. I am a little bit in love with the homewares from your Grandma – the shakers and that tin, sigh! Too lovely. Maybe you can teach me how to propagate succulents when I get back to Melbourne, that seems like a fun thing to know how to do. Such amazing flowers! And yes, I know what you mean about being in a book funk and nothing grabbing you. Reading is so dependent on your mood, I think. I see you have All That I Am in your pile, I tried to read that once and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe read something funny…Bridget Jones’ Diary? Man I love those books. So much better than the films. I too had a maiden hair fern that nearly died from being left outside in the sun, then I moved her to the bathroom and wow, she seriously came back to life with the steam and low light…weird! My October was quick, yes, but overall excellent. I still can’t believe it’s November though. November! Yikes! Enjoy the long weekend my friend x

      1. Aren’t they the cutest?? I love them so much – even more because they have that family connection to them as well as being bloody adorable.

        Yes! I’d love to have a little propagating lesson when you’re back. Assuming I am actually capable of doing it at that point, of course. I’ll keep you updated 😛

        I agree – your mood is all important when it comes to feeling like reading. I have wanted to read All That I Am for a long time but am definitely not in the right frame of mind just yet to tackle it. I think I might need something light and easy, like you suggested, or maybe I just really need to finish off GoT…hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon. Also, I’ve never read the Bridget Jones series! I’ve seen the movies and think they’re okay, so maybe I should give the books a go – especially if you think they’re better than the movies!

        Glad to hear your maiden hair fern made it! They seem quite pedantic little plants. But super pretty.

        Also glad to hear your October was great 🙂 Hope November is even better! I wish I got a day off today but the uni tends not to recognise public holidays 🙁 Might head home early though as a treat to myself 😀 Rebel. Thanks Isabel x

    1. October definitely flew by for me – thanks for reminding me to ‘Take Stock’ some time soon. Love how you saved your fern and the pretty tins and shakers:)

      1. No problem, Rebecca! I can’t believe I forgot to do it last week! But I guess I got carried away with the fun of posting about this and that, which is nice. And thank you! I am also very happy that I managed to save my fern. She’s still a little brown and burnt but she’s also shooting out some new growth so I think we’ll be okay 😀 And thanks, the tin and shakers are some of my faves. Thanks for stopping by again, Rebecca – always enjoy your comments.

    1. Look at all your nice things! Those shakers! Hold me. I’ve never attempted to look after a fern. They scare me a little. But maybe I should give a try. Definitely want to hear more about your succulent propagation! I hope it’s successful or failing that, helps to clarify the conflicting advice. October did go kind of fast but I had so many things on for once it didn’t feel like a blur but a whole lot of little milestones. November on the other hand….blur city. But then it is CHRISTMAS. Hehehe.

      1. Haha the shakers are pretty darn cute, hey? They’ve got a cool ripply texture to them too.

        I was scared before I got this one and I honestly had thought I’d killed it within a week or two simply because I left it outside in direct sun and forgot about it :/ But I just noticed earlier today that there is some new growth starting so I think she’s okay! And thank you for your well wishes with my propagation! I also noticed today (what an excellent plant day today is!) that they’ve pretty much all started sprouting little pink roots, so that’s a good sign.

        That’s such a good way of looking at it, Laura. You certainly did achieve many cool milestones. High five! And hooray for Christmas! And my birthday, which is just before Christmas 😀 xx

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