Taking Stock #2 : Admiring, Bookmarking, Noticing, Hoping, Wishing

December 14, 2014

Phewph! What a busy, busy week it has been! I like to slow my thoughts down every now and then so I figured now was the perfect opportunity to do another Taking Stock post! Like the last time I did this, I’ve picked five prompts and taken photos to go along with them.

Admiring: my own wrapping skills. Get a load of me.

Bookmarking: Emily Diana Ruth’s blog. She’s also a YouTuber – very creative and inspiring.

Noticing: how beautiful my cacti and succulents are. This is the time of year that a lot of them seem to look different every time I go check on them.

Hoping: people like the new look of the blog. I’m loving it, myself!

Wishing: everybody a safe and happy Christmas!

How has your weekend been? Filled with awesomeness, I hope! Are you getting ready for Christmas?


    1. Thanks so much Irene! I love love love gift wrapping! I'm so glad you like the new look – I'm really happy with it too 🙂 Thanks for the comment x

    1. Great new look! Very clean and pretty. Succulents look gorgeous – who knew they'd change so much? Have a wonderful Christmas x

    1. Awesome, I'm glad you like it, thanks Pia!

      That's what I keep thinking as well – I wish I'd taken more photos of them as they'd grown so I could look back and see how much they've changed. They are my babies lol.

      I hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas too! x

    1. Yay, thanks Clare! Glad to hear you like it. I had been thinking of changing my theme for a while and was *going* to wait until New Years but got impatient 😛

      Thanks, it helps me to take more photos and I like thinking of the best ones I can take that really capture what the prompt is about – it can be challenging sometimes, which is half the fun!

      Merry Christmas! x

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