Shopping Small This Christmas : 2015

December 6, 2015

I don’t mean to alarm you but it appears to be just under three weeks before Christmas. The holiday season involves the giving of gifts. The purchasing of said gifts can be tricky and stressful and sometimes downright disappointing. (I promise, I’m really not trying to freak you out.)

I know how hard it can be so I’ve compiled a list of excellent Etsy shops that may just hold the perfect handmade gift for your loved one/s. Bonus points because they’re all Aussie Etsy shops too. Check these babies out.

  • Cat and the Bird sells a wonderful range of beautiful vintage goodies from stamps to buttons to homewares. These wooden elephants are just one of my favourites!
  • Byron Bound makes notes, journals, and more with clean, simple designs from sustainable materials. This notebook gave me a chuckle.
  • trees4thewood blows my mind and makes pencils from tree twigs. Yes. That’s right. She also makes gorgeous wooden brooches, linocuts, printed tea towels, and more!
  • my bearded pigeon is a shop I’ve been a fan of for a long time now. This cushion speaks to me.
  • Pure Haven Naturals makes handmade skin care products for both men and women. Everything is plant-based, with no palm oil (hooray!). I think this men’s gift set would be an excellent pressie for the always-hard-to-buy-for dude in your life.
  • Golden Whistler Wood sells some lovely handmade wooden items, including fruit bowls, shelves, and candle holders, that all have a nice rustic feel to them. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that this cheeseboard is my fave. Mmm cheese…
  • LuxLucisDesign has some cute hand-stamped tote bags and napkins. I like this one because WHALES.
  • laurendrawspictures stocks the things I get most excited about – wrappings! Sweet watercolour gift wrap AND cards like this one.

Even though it’s cutting it a bit fine with online deliveries and such, I hope that little list gives you some gift ideas! If not, don’t fret. Check out my post from this time last year – it has more excellent Etsy shops to browse! And now, I shall be off on my merry way and start wrapping the pile of presents accumulating in my room like the cheery little elf I am.


    1. Thank you for this list Jacquie. I really try not to buy in to the mad consumer rush of Christmas, and these places look ideal for a more thoughtful, local gift. I’m crocheting my little hands off lately trying to make things for people…it’s fun, but you can only go so fast! x

      1. No worries at all! Hope you find it useful! I love trying to find locally made gifts for everyone, or even try to make stuff for them myself, like you. Good luck with the crochet – god speed! x

    1. Lovely cheery Christmas post Jacquie. I’m thinking I’ve left my run a bit late this year for anything home made, and maybe even anything “etsyish”. However seeing this post has reinspired me so thank you lovely. xx

      1. Awww glad to hear it, Emily! It is cutting it a bit fine, I know. I planned on publishing the post last week but had tech issues. I still wanted to put it out there just in case anyone could find it useful and to give a shoutout to some excellent Australian makers though, even if it is a tad late. Might give people some ideas for where to shop for a treat for themselves too! Hope you find something lovely. Thanks for stopping past! xx

    1. Excellent post Jacquie, I’ve been trying to shop small as much as possible too 🙂 It’s so great to know you’re supporting small Australian makers and finding totally unique gifts for your special peeps (and it gives me yet another excuse to endlessly browse Etsy for pretty things).
      It’s never too early to start wrapping 😉

      1. I love the feeling you get when you purchase something handmade too! Knowing that you’re supporting the little people and you’re getting something lovely and unique in return. It’s so great. And yes, endless Etsy time is the best kind of time! Haha you are certainly right about the wrapping of presents. I think I might have to get onto it earlier next year to help induce the feeling of Christmas – I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really felt very festive just yet 🙁 I’m sure it will start soon though! Thanks so much Catherine 😀 x

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