Power Street Project Exhibition

October 25, 2015

My friend Lauren recently opened an exhibition of her work with groundfinds. Groundfinds are exactly what they sound like – interesting, different, unique things you find on the ground. They might be discarded or lost. They might be brand new or old and rusty. Power Street Project showcases the ground finds Lauren sees on her walk to work and makes into wearable art (think awesome necklaces and badges). The items are placed on pages from the Melways with cheeky or thoughtful annotations. The blue tape lines on the wall map the elevation of Lauren’s walk, which reaches a height of 76m, over 3km.

Power St Project 14Power St Project 13Power St Project 01 Power St Project 02Power St Project 03 Power St Project 04Power St Project 06Power St Project 10Power St Project 09Power St Project 08Power St Project 07Power St Project 11Power St Project 05 I absolutely love the idea of finding an item that is often disregarded as unimportant or unworthy – something that looks like trash – and turning it into something else, anything! Lauren also ran some workshops at the gallery for local schoolkids and got them outside, looking for bits and pieces they could later make into something they could wear. That’s what I think I loved most about Lauren’s work; aside from the excellent reuse, recycle, repurpose (and all those other glorious hashtags) aspect to it, there was the sense of “hey, you could do this too, you know”.

After we’d all walked around and ooh’d and aah’d (genuinely), Lauren made a little speech to thank everyone. She spoke about being in a job she didn’t find fulfilling or enjoyable and how her grandma reminded her of how much she used to enjoy making things. That was the kick up the bum for Lauren to start getting back into the thing she loved the most – creating. That really hit home for me. I’ve been wondering lately whether academia is the job for me and, I have to say, I left the exhibition with a heightened sense of wanting to throw in the towel! It seemed pretty clear to me that Lauren is loving what she’s doing, which is just the best thing and I’m incredibly happy for her 😀

The exhibition is only open for a few more days but do try and see it. Here are the deets:

Power Street Project by Lauren Castillo
Until November 1st
Hawthorn Arts Centre
360 Burwood Road,
Hawthorn, VIC, 3122

You can follow Lauren’s project on Facebook and Instagram. She finds some seriously awesome shiz. Have you ever found anything on the ground you’ve liked (aside from money!)?


P.S. If you want to see my serious art viewing face, click here.

    1. That is a very serious art viewing face! I was planning to pop out to the Hawthorn Arts Centre this week to see another exhibition so I’ll make sure I get along to Lauren’s too!

      1. Why thank you, Carolyn. I take it very seriously indeed. Yes! I highly recommend it! Hope you can make it and enjoy what you see 🙂

    1. What a great project! I do love creative things done with found objects. Love a good map too. I can’t honestly think of anything I’ve found on the street…does a yoga mat count? That was next to the bin here in Nanjing, perfectly fine, so I cleaned it off and took it home. And obvs the Guy Pearce couch, but both of these are big items, not little things like your friend Lauren finds. Love it…great idea!

      1. A yoga mat! Goodness me. You really can find all manner of things on the street, hey? Hard rubbish is the best fun, too! I haven’t really found anything as small and wearable as what Lauren has found either but I suppose I haven’t really been looking. I think I might start going on walks just to look for things I can turn into jewellery, maybe even some key rings, who knows! Thanks for your comment, Isabel 😀

    1. Oh I so love this idea. One thing that I am really interested in is walking the large tract of land that has been in my family since the 1850s. My mum lives there now, and if you walk around like a bit of an archeologist, you find little bits of china or old, old glass or horseshoes and rusted leather buckles and they are amazing not just for being very old things, but for being my ancestors very old things., and for me that is as precious as any old piece of jewellery left in a will.

      1. Wow, that sounds incredible, Dani! How wonderful it would be to have a piece of your ancestor’s history to hang on to. I hope you get to do that walk soon. Thanks for your comment!

    1. This is amazing – so inspiring. Reminds me of the concept of ‘bricolage’ which I first saw on Kerri Smith’s blog. I had planned to do a nature ‘bricolage’ post with all the beautiful autumn leaves that I just can’t resist but this is so cool. I’m always on the look out for ‘found objects’ and I’ll be keeping my magpie eyes peeled when I’m out and about today 🙂

      1. It IS inspiring, isn’t it, Rebecca! I definitely walked out of the exhibition with a renewed sense of inspiration and keen intent to try and find my own groundfind. Glad you enjoyed attending the exhibition vicariously 😛 A bricolage post with autumn leaves sounds beautiful – I’d love to see it!

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