Shopping Small This Christmas

I know, I know, no one wants to admit it or think about it but that doesn’t change the fact that Christmas is four and a half weeks away. Four and a half weeks! That’s only just over a month, ladies and gents, which means we need to get a-crackin’ and start organising some Christmas presents!

I’ve managed to be super organised this year and have already bought the majority of my Christmas presents for my friends and family. I love getting in there early because you don’t have to worry about going to Chadstone and almost dying from either a) trying to get a car park or b) suffocating/getting trampled in the shopping centre itself, if you actually are successful in getting a park.

One thing I especially love about buying presents is buying them online and supporting small businesses! With the big shopping chains springing up everywhere holding massive sales in the lead up to Christmas, small businesses can really struggle and I think there’s nothing better than showing them your support. I also make a point of buying the majority of my presents from Australian small businesses – I find Etsy is the best way to do this (you can specify your search so it targets Australian shops only). It’s amazing what beautiful, unique handmade goodies you can find.

In the spirit of giving and sharing, I’ve compiled a list of some of my most loved Etsy shops! They’re all Australian, too! Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for something handmade, original, vintage, or unique to give someone this Christmas.

  • Substellar Studio – adorably illustrated Christmas cards from Sydney.
  • June Design Co. – really adorable wooden earrings and brooches from Devonport.
  • In The Daylight – beautifully illustrated prints from Brisbane.
  • Sybella Boutique – lovely clutches in unique, vintage-style fabric from Brisbane.
  • Scissors Paper Mouse – a wonderful selection of prints to feast your eyes on from Sydney.
  • Cirkus Charm – eye-catching geometric wooden earrings from Perth.
  • RoEnArt – unique hand-printed tops and prints from Melbourne.
  • That Vintage – wooden brooches and pendants from Launceston.
  • flossy-p Art – gorgeous detailed illustrations on cushions from Coffs Harbour.
  • Meina Farala Home – bright and colourful concrete planters from Melbourne.
  • agnes & you – beautiful cushions and other home decor items.
  • One Happy Leaf – laser cut bamboo earrings and hair pins from Perth.
  • Sealhouette – silhouette illustrations of classic and modern characters from Sydney.
  • Amelia Herbertson – simple and classy Christmas cards from Orange.

And, of course, if you feel like dropping past my little old Etsy shop too that would be grand! You can find it here.

So there you have it! If you feel like supporting some small Australian-owned businesses, hopefully that list can give you a good idea of where to begin. Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet, dare I ask?? Do you have lots of presents to buy or do you prefer to not give gifts?


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