Op Shop Haul : Books, Cardigans, Scarves, & Thread

August 9, 2015

I’ve spent the last two weekends scouring some of my local op shops to find me some bargains. And find me some bargains I did! Some things I needed and others…not so much. But they’re all so lovely and I can give them all such a nice home. (Yes, that just so happens to be my self talk when I’m standing in the op shop with things in my hands). Let the op shop haul commence.

It wouldn’t be a proper trip to an op shop without coming away with at least one book. From a Salvos I grabbed “The Monogram Murders”, Sophie Hannah’s continuation of Agatha Christie’s series, and “We Need To Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver for $3.25 each. From a Vinnie’s I got a copy of “The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary” from the 1960s for $2.00. Because who doesn’t love an old dictionary – those super fine pages and the old book smell…

Op Shop Scarves - Op Shop Haul #2Three delightful light-weight scarves. These varied from $2.00-$3.25 all from a couple of different Salvos. I have some crafty plans for these – stay tuned!

Retro Pillow Cases - Op Shop Haul #2I found some old pillow cases and a pile of fabric (on the bottom) – all in sweet florals. The pillow cases were $3.50 from a preloved shop and the fabric was $3.00 from a Savers store.

Embroidery Threads - Op Shop Haul #2My store of embroidery thread consists of what I inherited from my nanna and has been running a little low. Now that I’ve kept my eyes peeled for it when I’m op shopping, I’m seeing it everywhere! Scored some extra sewing thread and a needle in one of the packs from Savers. Both packs were $4.99.

Knitted Cardigans - Op Shop Haul #2One thing I always seem to gravitate towards when op shopping is knitwear. Op shops are the BEST places to look for some cosy cardigans and over-sized jumpers (if that’s your thing). I found these two pretties in Savers – one for $7.99 and one for $9.99. Mmm snuggly.

I’d say that’s another super successful series of op shopping! What are your thoughts on op shopping? Have you found any great bargains lately?


      1. I haven’t but I’ve heard it’s pretty much like you said – gripping and intriguing! I’m looking forward to it. Thanks so much for dropping past, Carolyn 🙂

          1. I tend to review most books eventually so chances are it will appear on the blog at some stage! Thanks Carolyn 🙂

    1. Nice op-shopping work, Jacquie. Loving it all, especially the gorgeous knit wear and the silky colourful scarves…intrigued about what you’ll do with them! I also inherited crafty things from my Grandma when she passed away last year, but mostly knitting books. She had SO many and I couldn’t bear to throw any away, so I have half a bookshelf’s worth! Plus her knitting needle holder that Grandpa made for her…that’s a bit of a treasure. I love the Poirot books and had no idea there was a continuation of the series by another author, cool. Agree, we all need an old dictionary, even if only for playing Scrabble and looking up words 🙂 x

      1. Thanks, Isabel! Oh your collection of knitting books from your Grandma sound delightful – as does the knitting needle holder. I have quite a few things I’ve collected over the years from my grandparents that I definitely treasure. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t read much Poirot but heard last year (I think?) that someone was continuing the series. I think it had mostly positive feedback but I might try and read one of Agatha Christie’s originals before so I can compare. Yes! Scrabble is the best reason for practically anything. Thanks for your lovely comment, Isabel 😀 x

    1. Yep, you should definitely read an Agatha Poirot before you try the new one. They’re so much fun. I’d recommend Midnight on the Orient Express if you can find it. She’s the master of the unexpected twist…really entertaining reading.

      1. Yes! I have that one (a previous op shop purchase) and I’ve seen the BBC series too so I know that story is a particularly good one to start with. I think I’ll make it my next read (might be a welcome break from A Game of Thrones!).

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