Op Shop Haul : Aztec Cardigan, Mug, Books and More

December 13, 2015

Hi-ho! How are you doing? Hopefully you are well and cheery and all other good things. If not, I strongly recommend you watch a kitten/puppy/turtle/monkey/goat video. Apply liberally. Stat! Okay, enough with the medical references now.

I went op shopping today. Yes, on a Sunday! Not a lot of op shops are open on Sundays, the day of rest (or the day of reading and tea-ing as I like to call it), but good old Savers sure is. If you haven’t been to a Savers before, it’s basically an op shop on crack – it’s gigantic and I love taking my time and walking through the many different aisles. I also love sending Laura photos and making her super jelly like the op shop tease I am. Don’t worry pal, when you’re over here I will have a Day of Op Shopping planned and it will be glorious.

Anyhow. Bless Savers for a) being open on a Sunday and b) for having a special student discount! Here’s what I found and fell in love with:

Op shop mug & jarSTRAWBERRY MUG. I did have some reservation about buying this actually, purely because it was part of a set and I didn’t want the set. On top of that, the set was in the “Collectables” section, so I felt uber bad about taking part of it. An internal debate ensued about whether or not I was the kind of person to break up a set. I decided I was. The mug was $3.99 (presumably because it’s “collectable”, though probs not worth much now without the set!). The glass jar was $2.99 and I liked it because the colours have a tutti-fruiti, 80s kinda vibe to them.

Op shop thread and fabricSpeaking of colours, look how bright and happy these embroidery threads are! They came in a bag for $5.99. The fabric was an instant mental purchase. Any ditsy floral pattern melts my heart and for $3.99, I was okay by that. These will all help to make items for my Etsy shop – exciting!

Op shop basketI spied this basket sitting all the way down on the bottom shelf and may have made a small squeaking noise. It was completely involuntary. But I love these types of wire baskets and I’d been looking for one to store my (very small) wool collection so was pretty chuffed to find this one. It cost $4.99.

Op shop booksThere are four or so massive shelves of books at my local Savers and they are my favourite section (as always) to browse. I found these two beauties for $3.99 and $2.99 each. Fun fact: inside the back cover of Noah Barleywater Runs Away was a Christmas card. It was addressed to Caitlin from Nana and Geoff. I’ve found a few interesting things in second-hand books over the years – bookmarks, newspaper clippings, that sort of thing – but never a Christmas card.

Op shop cardiganStrolling through the many clothing aisles, I saw this cardigan out of the corner of my eye – how could I not? The bright aztec pattern was calling out to me. I hesitated, a little unsure if it was a little too “loud” but when I tried it on it made me think about curling up on a couch with a cup of tea and some craft so it wound up in my cart. For $3.99, I feel that’s pretty good.

Another extremely successful op shop adventure. As usual, I really didn’t mean to purchase any of these items but when you see a bargain, you’ve gotta grab it, you know? Plus, I haven’t been op shopping in a while – my last haul was in August! – so I feel I deserved a pat on the back…in the form of more op shopping…

Have you found any goodies in a local op shop lately?




      1. That’s a wonderful way of looking at it, Annette. You’ve cleared my conscience, thank you. I just had a cup of peppermint tea in it and it made my heart sing, it’s so cute. Glad you like the cardi too! And YES, we should!

    1. I’m still a bit swoony over that basket, Jacquie! I haven’t been op shopping as such lately but I did spy some lovely red candlesticks at the antique market the other day which I didn’t buy but may have to go back for (fingers crossed they are still there) and I bought a lovely vintage apple print tea towel from Cat and the Bird on etsy to frame and hang in the kitchen. Your restraint was well rewarded with excellent purchases today!

      1. Hehe, it is a very sweet basket. So glad I saw it! Red candlesticks sound intriguing – I hope they’re still there, waiting for you if you go back. Framing a vintage tea towel is a fantastic idea! Now you’ve got me scrolling through Cat and the Bird’s Etsy shop 😛

      1. Hehe it is very 80s, isn’t it, Janet? I do love it though. I’ll have to pop over and check out your post this arvo! Thanks so much for stopping by 😀

    1. You are the op-shopping queen! All hail! That cardigan is SO nice. And love the basket, and just everything really. I can not WAIT to go op-shopping when I get back. Have been surprised at how much I’ve missed it. Apparently giving away second hand clothes is really a no-no in China, there’s a YMCA op-shop nearby and no one ever goes there…how strange! I have a little Christmas tradition of buying pretty op-shop plates, then baking something, usually biccies, and putting them on the plates and wrapping them up as gifts. Maybe I’ll do that again this year…maybe! x

      1. Aw, shucks haha. Why thank you, dear Isabel! I think I would definitely miss op shopping if I went overseas somewhere that it wasn’t that common – or even frowned up, as you say! How strange indeed. I ADORE that idea…may have to steal it for some gifts this year if that’s okay? You can find such beautiful plates in the op shops – I saw so many just yesterday! Wish I’d thought to grab them. Oh well, there will definitely be a next time 🙂 Thanks Isabel! x

    1. That basket is fabulous, I think the squeak was completely justifiable. What a great shop! We have Goodwill here which sounds like a similar thing. Elizabeth is Missing is a very good book and anything by John Boyne is a winner especially with Oliver Jeffers illustrations. Score!

      1. Thanks Clare – I think so too! 😀 Yes, I think Goodwill would be quite similar. They’re such good fun to shop around in, aren’t they? Glad to hear you recommend both books! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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