Nice Things : November 2015

November 2, 2015

It’s November. It is November. The month is November. We are in the eleventh month of the year. There is only one month left after this one. Can you tell I’m struggling? I am most definitely in Struggle Town and I’m stumbling around, blinded by disbelief that we are in freakin’ November already! I feel like I wasn’t ready for this year. Can I have a do-over? 2015 2.0? No? Okey dokey then…

I had a really lovely time sitting down yesterday and making this list of nice things for you all. I was feeling a bit “bladhjnfgjndlgkxmnkfg” but this list cheered me right up. I hope you enjoy it too!

  • Just in time for Christmas (BLARGH as IF we’re even talking like that already), a lovely person from my high school has started an online shop that stocks Australian handmade items and it is GORGEOUS. It’s called The Bower.
  • Here’s a sneak peek at one of the chapter’s in J.K. Rowling’s new novel, writing under the pen name of Robert Galbraith, Career of Evil. I thoroughly enjoyed The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm so am looking forward to picking up where the latter left off!
  • Love this advice re getting out of the (awful and soul-destroying) habit of comparing yourself and your work to someone else. Originally intended in a creative sense, I think this applies to every possible area of your life!
  • This pretty much sums up me and Mathew. Though I can kill my own bugs. If they’re small.
  • Um, so, my mouth is watering something chronic just thinking about these salted chocolate cookie butter bark things. Cookie butter is essentially speculaas, which is a Dutch spiced shortcrust biscuit, but in a spreadable form. They seem pretty easy to make too!
  • This is EXCELLENT news and I am so excited 😀 So many childhood memories tied up with these books…

What are you most looking forward to in November?


    1. As my Mum said when she discovered all her friends waiting in a darkened house for her 60th birthday surprise party, ‘Oh my giddy aunt!’ They’re making a film of The Magic Faraway Tree?! Get out of town! This is doubly amazing because just today at lunch time, before I read your post, Steve, me and our friend Henry were talking about favourite childhood books and the subject of Moonface, the Washalot woman and the changing lands at the top of the Faraway Tree came up. This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Thank you for telling us! And yes, love JK and really enjoyed her other Robert Galbraith books…maybe that’s the one to get you out of your reading funk? x

      1. Haha I love this comment, Isabel, for many reasons. 1) “Oh my giddy aunt”, one of the best sayings of all time, 2) your excitement re the movie. When I read the article I felt like it was one of those things where you think “Why did no one think of this before??” Those books are a goldmine of fantastic movie opportunities! Really looking forward to see how they execute it, and 3) that you also enjoy Rowling’s Galbraith books 😀 I dare say the latest probably will help to bring me out of my reading funk. I’ve got some other books on the way actually. I think they might help too. Thanks for your comment, Isabel 😀

    1. My brother messaged me with a ‘ooh, ooh, ooh’ when he heard about the Magic Faraway Tree being turned into a cinematic experience. How I loved those books! So many adventures to be had once they had discharged their chores.i think your friend’s shop looks lovely too. And I would add ‘light bulb changer’ to the relationship cartoon!

      1. I’m so glad everyone seems to be just as excited as I am about the movies! 😀 I hope they do the stories justice.

        Isn’t it such a beautiful shop, Carolyn? I’m going to have to make some Christmas present purchases, me thinks. I might even buy something for other people… 😛

        Haha that’s a good one! I would add “Excellent thing to clutch or hide behind when scared in movies”.

    1. I am having similar issues about November – just how did it happen? 2015 still feels all sparkly and new in my head.

      1. Exactly, Robyna! 2015 just got here! And now we’re already moving on to the next one? Crazy. Hope the next month is kind to you 🙂

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