Nice Things : December 2015

December 7, 2015

It is that time of the month (no, not that time of the month, god) where we kick off with some nice things. Just some good, wholesome, enjoyable, and perhaps inspirational things because it’s a nice way to start a new month. Allon-sy!

  • First, let’s start with this incredible art work by Agnes Cecile. As I watched one of the videos of her making a piece, I was struck by an acute sense of WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING BLARGHRGIREUE. So, enjoy!
  • A collection of some of Roald Dahl’s most heartwarming quotes. I particularly like the one from Fantastic Mr Fox and the one from James and the Giant Peach.
  • I loved these illustrations by Philippa Rice so much, I bought the artist’s book minutes after reading that post.
  • Knitted mermaid tail blanket. As if I need to say more. Click that link, do it!
  • This song has been on repeat in my SoundCloud playlist lately. It reminds me of warm hazy nights in the summer.
  • This lovely post by Naomi over at naomi loves about a gathering of friends getting together to make snail mail things. Hopefully I can tag along next time! Do you like snail mail? I do, but I don’t use it very often at all. Maybe 2016 can be the year of snail mail.
  • Mmmmm gingerbread biccies…so good. I haven’t made these before but I might just bake a few batches for the people I work with. If they last long enough to make it out of the kitchen.
  • And finally, what better way to finish off than with a festive post about eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts. I love the idea of using tea towels or scarves as wrappings. Not so sure about yoghurt containers though…

Dare I ask how you’re feeling about it being December? The last month of the year! I am planning on writing more about how the year 2015 has treated me and I it, but I will say that I am a little unsure of how we got here so quickly. I know I was talking about how fast the months were flying by in September (possibly earlier…) but I’ve honestly blinked and am now looking down the barrel at 2016. But I’m okay with it, strangely. What are you looking forward to this month? Do you celebrate these holidays?


    1. How beautiful is Philippa Rice’s depiction of love? And I love the BFG quote, and The Twits, well, all of them really! I think Roald Dahl is ace. So much fun reading those books to my kids. This year has been a bit tricky in some parts so in a way I am quite pleased it is December and we can put some of those things away in a little box (hopefully!). But, yes, I am not quite sure how we got here so quickly!

      1. So beautiful! I can’t wait for my book to arrive. I have lots of lovely memories associated with Roald Dahl too – the BFG was my favourite. I’m sorry to hear this year has been tricky for you, Carolyn. I hope 2016 brings lots of lovely moments for you and your family. Thanks for your comment, as always 🙂

    1. Ah, Roald Dahl. He really can do no wrong. I wanted to add a quote from Danny the Champion of the World to that article, which is right at the end of the book: “A message to the children who have read this book. When you grow up and have children of your own, do please remember something important. A stodgy parent is no fun at all! What a child wants -and DESERVES- is a parent who is SPARKY!” I am not yet a parent, but if I am, I want to be sparky and not stodgy 🙂 Love those illustrations too. Really identified with the tea one – we are constantly making each other tea and forgetting to drink it! x thanks for this great list Jacquie

      1. I know, right? He was so brilliant – still is, given his words and ideas and thought continue to live on. What excellent advice that is! Sparky > stodgy. So true. I hope to be a sparky parent in my own weird ways too 😀 Awww yay, I’m glad you liked Philippa’s work too. I like the being in the same room but not having to do everything together one and the long talks in bed one and, oh, just all of them hehe! I just got an email confirming that her book has been dispatched and is on its way to me! So excited. Thanks Isabel 😀 x

    1. Such a gorgeous list Jacquie. I too am a little stunned/horrified about the whole mid-December thing!

      1. Thanks Em! Yes, it is rather terrifying isn’t it?? How we got here, I do not know. Hope you have a great December 🙂

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