Frankston Beach

I do love to be beside the seaside. Don’t you? The beach has so many wonderful memories attached to it for me. So many holidays spent on the Mornington Peninsula with my mum, my sister, and my nanna. Trips made in the stinking hot summer with cicadas chirping, the sun sizzling, and warm breezes flowing past. Trips made in the chilly winter when the wind whips past your ears, making your face ache with the cold. I loved all of them and still love to go down to a beach, any beach, when it’s warm or cold.

I don’t go nearly as often as I would like, even though I’m less than an hour away, so when I knew I would be down in the area, I made sure I left home a little early so I could take a stroll down the pier at Frankston beach. This is what I saw.

Sleepy Seal

Dog on Pier Warning Sign on Pier

Pier Side & Ocean

Ocean View #3

Bench on Pier Bollard on Pier #1

Wooden Bench on Pier

People on the Pier

Pier Rail Bokeh

Sunset Fishermen

Hope you have a lovely week!


Jacquie is a 20-something maker and writer from Melbourne. She enjoys eating virtually anything that is labelled salted caramel and, contrary to popular belief, has forgotten how to ride a bike. She feels ambivalent about writing in the third person but thought it might be fun. It was.


  1. Annette

    Beautful place isn’t it? I have loads of great memories from down there too.

    Sorry about your ass, I think it was worth it though. Love your shots.


    1. birdandfox

      Haha I think having a numb bum for a while after was worth it too. Thanks, Annette. The whole peninsula is such a special place for me – I can go down to any beach there and feel at home. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Isabel

    So beautiful Jacquie. I love the dog asleep by the pier, and everyone wearing jackets and hoodies in the cold weather. Thank you for writing about the beach. You have a lovely week too ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. birdandfox

      Thanks Isabel! And that’s actually a little seal! They had put some safety netting a little way out around him so people wouldn’t come too close. He was pretty adorable. I like the shot of the people on the pier, too, if I do say so myself! Thanks for commenting Isabel – your comments always brighten my day ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Sarah @ Sarah's Heart Writes

    I absolutely love Frankston Beach. I only live 20 minutes from it and don’t go nearly as often as I should, but it is incredible. Love the photos. I was wondering if that was a seal, and you confirmed that it is – how lovely to catch that on camera. Thanks for sharing!!


    1. birdandfox

      Wow, 20 minutes! How handy! I live a similar sort of time away from Mount Dandenong and it’s one of my absolute favourite places to go but I also don’t go as often as I should and there’s really nothing stopping me. Except myself, saying I’m too busy. I think I’ll try to work on that.

      Hehe yes! It was a little seal. He was very cute but clearly very tired and in need of a rest. I thought it was meant to be when I walked onto the sand and saw what was behind the orange safety fencing.

      No worries, Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping past and commenting! So lovely to hear you liked the photos.


  4. Isabel

    Ah, a seal! My almost 31 year old eyes are obviously failing me…I thought it was a big brown dog curled up ๐Ÿ™‚ I really look forward to your posts, Jacquie. Like a little slice of Melbourne life, presented beautifully, by a smart and funny person with a keen eye behind a camera, too. Can’t get enough!


    1. birdandfox

      Haha not to worry, Isabel, he does look quite ambiguous all curled up like that.

      Seriously, you’re making me well up! You’re so unbelievably sweet with your comments and so supportive. It makes all the difference in the world and I hope you know that I appreciate it greatly. Often I wonder what the point of this blogging caper is. Connecting with awesome people like you – that’s the whole point, right there. Thanks so much Isabel.


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