frankie and friends Garage Sale : Haul

November 6, 2015

frankie magazine is an excellent piece of media. I heart it very much. So when I saw they were having another frankie and friends garage sale, I knew I’d need to get there. I had one particular task in mind that I needed to achieve. I cannot tell you the specifics of my mission, as it forms part of a surprise for a friend, but rest assured I did achieve it and it was most sincerely awesome. (What a task tease I am).

Frankie Garage Sale 02When I arrived I had butterflies, I was that excited. I walked briskly down the street, not really sure what I was looking for but figuring I would know it when I saw it. And indeed I did. I saw small groups of people milling about, and, as I got closer, tables piled high with what can only be described as treasure and also magic. I made a beeline for a table with books (duh) and promptly started hyperventilating. There were too many good things and not enough eyes to look at them all! What if I missed something spectacular?? What then?? You’ll be glad to know I calmed my farm and soon started accruing many bargains.

Vintage pillow cases
BUY ALL THE VINTAGE PILLOW CASES. I think I paid $10 for the lot.
These two beauties were $5 each and they're both going to be very welcome additions to my summer wardrobe.
These two beauties were $5 each and they’re both going to be very welcome additions to my summer wardrobe.
Various fabric pieces, ranging from $1 to $3. I even managed to buy pieces that weren't all floral. Go me!
Various fabric pieces, ranging from $1 to $3. I even managed to buy pieces that weren’t all floral for a change. Go me!
The Photo Album, a book published by frankie that I didn't even know about (!), cost me $4 from memory, while the HONY book was only $2.
The Photo Album, a book published by frankie that I didn’t even know about (!), cost me $4 from memory, while the HONY book was only $2.
frankie gift card sets for $2 a pop? Yes please.
frankie gift card sets for $2 a pop? Please and thank you.

And they weren’t even the best thing that happened! I saw Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mike’s sitting on a little brick wall under the shade. I decided to go over and say hello. Pip patted the bricks next to her and we sat in the shade and chatted about various things from cameras to ethical clothing. This was lovely for obvious reasons (i.e. QUEEN PIP) but also because it was really stinkin’ hot and I needed to sit down and regroup from all the awesome vintageness. So that was nice.

Frankie Garage Sale 03Do you enjoy garage sales? What bargains have you scored? I would highly, highly recommend the frankie and friends garage sale if you are around for their next one. This was the first I’d managed to get to and will definitely be back.


    1. Jacquie, your words and photos make me feel like I was at that garage sale too. I can not WAIT to go to garage sales and op shops back in Aus. A weird thing to look forward to? Maybe. But I’m excited, almost as excited as I am about the Magic Faraway Tree movies 🙂 Love those summer shirts and the vintage cases ad cloth, those books look really interesting too. You are teaching me new expressions – ‘calmed my farm’, I haven’t heard that one before. Nice! x

      1. I don’t think that’s a weird thing to look forward to at all! I was pretty happy with my little haul – so excited to make some things with the fabric scraps and wear those shirts (just have to wait a little for the weather to get consistently warm here). Haha so glad I’m introducing you to such important things 😀 x

    1. Oh my! This looks like some kind of heaven. I used to go to garage sales all the time but I’ve just got so much stuff now I’ve been banned until I clear some space. Man you get all the good stuff in Melbourne. Looks awesome!

      1. Tell me about it, Deb! I’ve banned myself from op shops at the moment because my drawers are almost literally overflowing with fabric. I actually don’t go to garage sales all that often, simply because I don’t see them advertised near me that frequently, but I think I might be addicted to them now 😀 Though they should probably be included in that ban too!

    1. Isn’t it fab when you go somewhere on a mission and you actually do it? Well done you. So many beautiful things you got – love the little bundles of fabric. Garage sales are such fun.

      1. It’s the BEST, Em. I’m pretty proud of myself for a) driving to the garage sale without getting lost, and b) achieving an excellent haul, including ticking off that task. I’m quite excited to see what I can make out of the fabric scraps – I’ve got a few ideas 🙂 Thanks for commenting, lovely!

    1. I wish I knew this was on. I also read about it on Pip’s blog. How did you find out about it? I’d love to go along to the next one. I love a garage sale, but I’m more of a charity shop frequenter – just because garage sales are usually so early in the morning (to get the good stuff, anyway) and my two older kids have just started Saturday morning sports, so that’s me done – and Sundays are for snoozing. But charity shops offer a similar experience (and the thrill of the find!) and I can pop in when I get a minute. But this one looks worth the effort!

      1. I follow frankie on Facebook and saw it there! I have also missed out on a couple in the past but following them on FB has helped – and Pip too, if she’s selling stuff. Oh, and I get their newsletter too and I’m pretty sure they sent out an email about it.

        I’m also a big op shopper and have only recently started thinking garage sales might be a good addition to my bargain hunting habits (because I REALLY need more ways to spend my money). I also find that you have to get there early to nab a bargain (I got to this one just before it started!) and they’re obviously less reliable than op shops because you never know when/where they’re going to be. But I might stop and have a looksee next time I see a handmade sign on a light post.

        I’d definitely recommend trying to get to the next frankie and friends one if you can – so good. Thanks so much for stopping by, Collette!

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