Faraway Friends

October 26, 2015

Isabel's gift from Japan

When I arrived home from yoga the other morning (core yoga is HARD AS by the by…just like my abs will be…HARDY HAR HAR *ahem*), I discovered a little box sitting on my doorstep that had been sent to me all the way from China. I knew immediately what it was and let out a little squeak of excitement before the crushing realisation hit me – I didn’t have time to open it then and there; I was running late already. I desperately wanted to rip open the box and delve into it but instead, like the dutiful student I am, I headed off to uni and got lost in the soul-destroying world of statistics.

I actually managed to forget about the package (stats’ll do that). It wasn’t until I was already half way home at the end of the day that I remembered. After throwing down my bags and kicking off my shoes, I promptly opened it up. Inside were all kinds of amazing things from Japan inside. Fabric! Paper! Little fox keyring! Postcard!

I sat on my bed with the fabric pieces and paper strewn around me and the keyring in my hand as I re-read the postcard from Isabel. The lovely Isabel who lives in Nanjing, China and takes brilliant photos for the A Snapshot of Two Cities collab we do. She visited Japan a little while ago and had asked me what kinds of things I would like because she wanted to send me a little package. How nice is that??

This is the second time recently that I’ve received something from a friend who lives overseas. Laura over in New Zealand sent me a wonderful collection of adorable things not so long ago – just because she wanted to – and it made me so incredibly warm and fuzzy. Seriously though, get a load of these sweet, thoughtful people! Who even are they. I am astounded by their generosity and loveliness and feel so incredibly lucky that I can count them as my friends. What makes all of this even more unexpected and wonderful is that I’ve never ever even met either Isabel or Laura. We met online (in the non-creepy way. Though, really, either of them *could* be a sixty year old man with ten cats sitting at his computer in just a singlet and shorts). There is so much distance between us but we’ve still been able to “meet” and connect and find friendship in similar souls. Isn’t that so beautifully bizarre?

So here’s to faraway friends and the interwebz – cheers.


    1. Laughing so hard. I AM an old man with 10 cats…what was your first clue? Kidding, I swear. Though I am a bit of spastic-cat-lady-in-the-making. But you already know that and chances are high that you’ll be one too (in a cool we can start a club sort of way not a mean way). This is SUCH A NICE POST <<< sorry about the capitals, I haven't had my lunch yet and I got a bit over-excited (and also, I just bought a really expensive text book so I am feeling a bit all caps). Love you lady (or man with cats, in which case, I would still love you, but from a great distance in which I still imagine you as young and non-manly Jacquie). 😀

      1. Hahaha! It’s okay, we can be cat ladies together. None of my other friends are willing. I’m glad you liked the post ^.^ Love you too! (How cute are we!) I hope you have recovered from expensive textbook buying and have also eaten some food.

    1. All that I could think of whilst reading this was the line from Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne (which I named my daughter after), ‘And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China’.
      What very very friends you have, to send you such delicious treats from faraway shores x

      1. Oh, how sweet, Dani! Yes, I feel incredibly lucky – how gorgeous are both Isabel and Laura?? Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 x

    1. So blessed, Jacquie, to have met lovely people online. That is one of the ace things about the internet is that it can lead you to gems of people you never would have crossed paths with before. and I am fortunate to know that you are the real deal and not a fat, balding man sitting with a stubby and ciggy at his computer!

      1. Precisely, Carolyn! And I’m glad you can reassure everyone that, no, I am not an old cat man hiding behind my computer screen. I am so very lucky to have met so many wonderful people, both online and in person (yourself included!) – I find it hard to believe sometimes!

    1. Gah. This makes me too happy. I have done something to my foot (a stress fracture I think, from walking too far in crappy sandals – advice, wear proper supportive shoes!) and spent all weekend at home on my own, hobbling around, so this has completely made my day. The fox key-ring looks much cuter in your photo than I even remember it being! I must say, the fact that it took two MONTHS to get to you kind of makes it all the more exciting…because there’s that thought of ‘oh, maybe it won’t arrive’, and when you’re just about to give up hope, there it is! Pleased as punch that you wrote about this. Happy Japanese crafting! xx

      1. Aw no 🙁 I’m sorry to hear you’ve hurt your foot! (Shoe advice noted) Though I’m glad this post helped to cheer you up a bit 😀

        The present really brightened my day and made me so happy – thank you again for making me feel all warm and fuzzy! Hope your foot is better now – take it easy! xx

    1. Awwwww, what sweeties Isabel and Laura are! It’s making me feel a bit warm and fuzzy the connections you can make through blogging 🙂
      On another note, how terrible is it when you don’t have time to open a package?! But then at least it’s there waiting for you as a special treat when you get home, haha.

      1. I know, right?? It was incredibly frustrating but I consoled myself by knowing it would be there waiting for me when I got home.

        Isabel and Laura really are the bomb dot com. I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet so many fantastic people, both online and in person, including you, Miss Catherine (even though we’d met before, hehe)!

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