A Snapshot of Two Cities #17

November 11, 2015

12:19, 10/11/2015, Nanjing, China

When Isabel sent this photo to me, she apologised for the angle but I’m really digging it! Mixing it up a little bit and keeping everyone on their toes. This looks like a really lovely lunch – I wish all my lunches could look like this. I like all the colours in this shot, too. I’m picturing this as quite a busy little dumpling place (is there really a slow dumpling place??) where there’s a strong clientele, maybe some regulars, and the waiters/waitresses are bustling about, to and fro between the kitchen and the tables. And man, those dumplings…were they good?

Man, dogs, woman in Camberwell

20:06, 4/11/2015, Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia

Keeping with the theme of doing things a bit differently, I took my photo this week at night! I’ve never really done much night-time photography before so I was unsure about what settings should be on etc. Mathew and I went out for dinner with some friends last Wednesday and it was a very odd night weather-wise. It had been a warmish day and when the rain came in the evening, the heat stuck around and things got very muggy and mildly unpleasant in the restaurant we were eating at (though nowhere near as humid as China can be, I bet!) Afterwards, when it had cooled down, I started looking around for some good photo opportunities on the walk back to the car. I took a few of the classic Rivoli cinema and the tram shed but wasn’t that pleased with them. I then spied this scene and decided to quickly and oh so surreptitiously take a quick photo (I don’t think the man, the woman, or the dogs noticed me – success!). I ended up liking this one the best! I think it captures the sense of patiently waiting for the pedestrian lights to change in your favour, maybe jiggling your legs a little to stay warm, watching the cars and trams spray up the rain as they whiz past.

My blog had another small tantrum last night, with the main issue being that I couldn’t upload any photos – precisely what I definitely needed to do for this post! I was getting quite agitated because I was so eager to put this post up! That’s how important it has become to me. I love love LOVE getting out with my camera more often and posting these photos each week with Isabel.


A Snapshot of Two Cities is a collaborative project between myself and Isabel from Nanjing Nian. We take a photo of something that catches our eye each week and post the photos on our blogs. We hope you enjoy looking at the differences and similarities between the two cities and cultures, and also just some pretty pictures. You can read more about it in the first posting.

    1. Aah, the thrill of a surreptitious photo! Wednesday night was weird, wasn’t it? Great photo of my ‘hood, Jacquie! And i think the dumplings look delicious. Love the angle on it. Adds a certain bustling energy. Very pleased you and Isabel teamed up to give us these little snapshots of your weeks x

      1. Aw shucks! Thanks Carolyn. So glad you approve, given you’re a Camberwellian 😀 And yes, isn’t Isabel’s great?! I feel like it has that busy energy to it too. Thanks for your support Carolyn x

      1. Thanks Clare 🙂 And yes, aren’t the dumplings so tempting…definitely kick-started a craving for me! Haha the dogs look pretty cute. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a photo sense that was tingling 😛

    1. What a wonderful idea. I love it. And who doesn’t love dumplings. Lol. You know what I love about your photo, the wet lights.

      1. Thanks so much, Mandy! So glad you enjoyed the post 😀 And precisely – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good dumpling! I quite like the reflections of the car headlights too. They look like a watercolour painting. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. I get such a thrill seeing a photo I have taken featured on your blog, Jacquie. I love your rainy shot, it’s very Melbourne, especially the tram and cars waiting at the lights in the background. It’s raining in Nanjing today so maybe I’ll take my camera out later on for a similarly rainy shot 🙂 In answer to your question, yes, the dumplings were delicious, we always have a little dish of vinegar and chillie which we dip them into, makes them so moreish. This was one of three plates we ate that day…oops! Gotta shovel them in while we can! x

      1. I do too, vice versa! I love it ^.^ And thank you. I am keen to take more night shots now!

        Mmm I enjoy a little chili with my dumplings but I’m a soy girl all the way 😀 And I agree – get those cheap dumplings in ya! x

      1. Thanks very much, Robyna! And yes! I think Isabel’s photo set off a chain reaction of dumpling cravings. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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